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Starting your RV Season?

Pre-Vacation Checklist ~ $175

  • Flush water system & check for leaks
  • Complete LP leak test of LP system, using manometer
  • Check & Adjust LP pressure for proper pressure
  • Fire all appliances & check operation, clean & adjust burn tubes, air fuel mixtures & pilot lights as needed
  • Check all tires for proper pressure & tire conditions for tire wear & weather checking
  • Check all exterior lights (replace up to 6 bulbs - no LEDs or halogen head lamps)
  • Inspect roof sealers, vents, moldings for possible leaks (spot seal areas only)
  • Inspect all side wall, front & rear caps sealers & advise
  • Inspect roof a/c for proper operation & clean filters

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Mission Statement

Our business is to provide an enjoyable recreational vehicle to our customers. We will achieve this by:
  • Delivering the best quality service and product
  • Attracting and developing highly skilled, knowledgeable employees who are committed to teamwork and service.
  • Emphasizing integrity, ethical business practices and respect for our customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Efficiently managing our resources and attaining financial success
The driving force of our organization is our dedication to continuous improvement, accountable leadership, and the accomplishment of our mission.

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